Using the Second Reiki Empowerment

The nice psychologist Carl Jung as soon as stated, “Enlightenment just isn't imagining figures of sunshine however making the darkness acutely aware.” To me, that is among the most vital statements ever made. Some New Age circles cherish the idea that you can think of your self into heaven just by at all times visualizing the optimistic. However true non secular awakening requires that you simply shed the karmic and non secular obstacles which have turn into part of your energetic system because of the actions and beliefs which were imprinted upon you over many lifetimes. By engaged on deeper points—karmic and non secular points—you may focus the non secular gentle of Reiki on these locations of darkness, these locations the place you're spiritually asleep, and awaken them. Now, allow us to start the work of utilizing this new degree of Reiki empowerment to deepen your reference to the Divine.

Your Greater Self now has the power to ship a number of Reiki remedies by means of many lifetimes and concentrate on the deeper psychological and emotional points which have created the karmic veil between you and your individual Divine nature. The flexibility of the Greater Self to ship Reiki to those root causes of karmic and non secular points is countless.

Following is a Greater Self Reiki chant to deepen your reference to the Divine by bringing gentle to these areas in your psyche the place you have got been spiritually asleep for a lot of lifetimes:

By the ability of the golden gentle inside
By the ability of the sacred breath
I manifest this reality
I now will my Greater Self
to ship a one-hour Sei He Ki psychological/emotional Reiki remedy
to all of my lifetimes
to any level in house and time
the place I've inspired the phantasm of separation from the Divine
I manifest this now
So be it!

(Blow 3 times.)

This one remedy, when repeated day by day over quite a lot of weeks, will loosen the roots of separation consciousness, that side of consciousness that believes itself to be separate from the Divine. The optimistic results will bleed into your day by day life, into your goals, and into all that you're. And ultimately, when used together with your different instruments for non secular awakening, it'll assist launch you from the dream of separation from the Divine. I like to recommend utilizing this remedy day by day for 3 weeks earlier than transferring on to the subsequent empowerment of the Reiki Stairway to Heaven.