The Energy Image can be utilized for cover, and since Reiki works on all ranges, the safety it supplies can also be on all ranges and contains safety from bodily hurt, verbal and emotional confrontations and psychic assault. It may be used to guard your automobile, your private home, your youngsters or anything you worth, and you need to use it to guard your self and your loved ones if you find yourself touring, too.

There are a number of the way of utilizing Reiki for cover, and I've given among the hottest ones beneath. Be creative—chances are you'll consider different methods.


That is finest repeated every day, and once more in any conditions that decision for it.

Both draw a big Energy Image in entrance of you and step into it, silently saying its sacred mantra 3 times, and imagining it encompassing you and intending that it kind a protecting barrier round you.

Or draw a Energy Image in entrance of you, and on all sides of you, and picture drawing one behind you, saying its mantra 3 times, and intending that it kind a protecting defend round you. You can too add a Energy Image over your head and beneath your toes, in the event you like.

Your Automotive, Dwelling or Different Objects You Care About

That is finest repeated on a weekly foundation. Both bodily draw, or think about drawing, a big Energy Image over the thing, saying its mantra 3 times, then think about the Energy Image increasing till it covers the thing above, beneath and on all sides. Intend that the Energy Image defend that object for so long as is critical. (If you're away from the thing, use the Distant Image to attach with it first.)

When Touring

If your vacation spot, discreetly draw a Distant Image, pondering its mantra 3 times, and picture it forming a bridge of sunshine connecting you together with your vacation spot. Then think about a big Energy Image over your automobile or the bus, practice, ship or plane you're touring in, say its mantra 3 times and picture the Energy Image spreading till it covers your technique of transport above, beneath and on all sides. Intend that the Energy Image defend all of the occupants of which means of transport in the course of the journey. You'll be able to then think about a Energy Image touring forward, clearing the way in which for you alongside the bridge of sunshine shaped by the Distant Image.

For Youngsters

There could also be events when your youngsters will not be with you and also you sense that they might want safety. You'll be able to join with them utilizing the Distant Image, after which think about a big Energy Image encompassing them, intending that it defend them for his or her highest and biggest good.

Be delicate to the truth that that is really a controlling and doubtlessly intrusive factor to do—you're deciding what's finest for them, since you love them and need them to be protected. That is pure sufficient, however their highest good will not be finest served by being so protected—youngsters want challenges to assist their per - sonal and social growth. If they're sufficiently old to know, I believe it's at all times finest to ask their permission first. Then, if they need Reiki safety, they're selecting it moderately than having it thrust upon them.