What are symbols?

What are symbols?

A logo is a illustration of one thing else. It’s by no means concerning the image itself, it’s at all times about what it factors to. The greenback signal ($), as an illustration, is a logo. And (sadly) we can not purchase something with it. All it does is make us conscious that the product it's connected to doesn’t come without spending a dime. It's exchanged for cash, it has a worth. The facility doesn’t lie within the image, however in our purse.

Or take the Eiffel Tower. Does anybody it ever consider the World Honest that it was erected for in 1889? Or of the outstanding technical effort wanted to assemble what was then the tallest man-made construction on the earth? In all probability not. Most individuals merely consider Paris. The constructing has develop into a logo of the town – probably the most romantic metropolis on the earth! Folks consider Edith Piaf, chansons and romantic dinners. So the Eiffel Tower has develop into a logo of affection and romance. Right here, as so typically, the which means isn’t obvious within the image itself, however lies within the associations we ourselves have made.

The identical applies to the Reiki symbols. Instructing his system to a wide range of individuals, Usui observed large variations of their potential to really feel and perceive Reiki. Everyone bought therapeutic palms, however when it got here to sensing delicate variations within the power, only some have been capable of do it naturally. For the others, he designed the symbols as focus instruments for meditation and making use of Reiki virtually. And (to remove one more delusion), he didn’t rediscover historic symbols. Two of these he used have been already a part of totally different Buddhist traditions and the opposite two he made up himself.

The truth that a scholar must be attuned as a way to use the symbols exhibits the place the actual energy lies: within the attunement. In Reiki. Not within the image.