There are 4 symbols in Usui Reiki, and every represents sure metaphysical energies. They're seen as calligraphic symbols that come from both Sanskrit, one of many world’s oldest languages, or Japanese Kanji, which is the Japanese alphabet. Nevertheless, they aren't flat, as if drawn in ink on a bit of paper, though that could be the best way they're first proven to you in a Reiki 2 course.

Their shapes are vibrational and three-dimensional, having peak, width and depth. Their measurement is limitless—they are often as small or as massive as needed, as a result of they're a type of religious vitality with its personal consciousness, vibrating at a really excessive fee.

After all, there are limits to the dimensions the symbols will be drawn along with your hand, which is how they're often accomplished. Nevertheless, it's potential to think about any of the symbols massive sufficient and deep sufficient to embody a complete individual, a complete constructing and even the entire planet, or sufficiently small to suit on a postage stamp, or inside a single cell.

Reiki symbols are transcendental in nature and so they join on to a Increased Consciousness. Every time a Reiki image is utilized by somebody who has been attuned at Second Diploma, it adjustments the best way the Reiki vitality features. It's nonetheless Reiki, however the vitality turns into empowered in several methods, relying upon which image (or mixture of symbols) is getting used. Regardless of their energy and their religious nature, they're straightforward to make use of and so they work mechanically each time they're used—it's not essential to be in an altered state, reminiscent of deep meditation.

The Reiki symbols are like keys that open doorways to greater ranges of consciousness, or like buttons; everytime you “push” one, you mechanically get particular motion. The symbols aren't the ability of Reiki—however they add energy to Reiki, and they're a tremendous and delightful manner to hook up with this greater energy.

Sadly some individuals who have examine Reiki, and maybe seen the symbols in a e-book or on the Web, imagine that they'll use Reiki, however that is not the case. It's the religious empowerment of the attunement course of that prompts the symbols in order that they'll fulfill their supposed objective. With out the attunement, the symbols don’t activate Reiki.

Throughout an attunement, the energies of every image come down and enter the scholar’s thoughts, physique and spirit, in order that afterward, at any time when the scholar makes use of the image, the identical energies they have been linked to in the course of the attunement are activated and start flowing. Due to this fact, even when folks do get to know concerning the symbols, they can't be used for therapeutic, or every other objective, so it's pointless to have the symbols “on the market” the place individuals who can neither perceive them nor use them can see them. Keep in mind, Dr. Usui found the symbols within the sacred texts he studied, however he was not in a position to activate their energy till after his religious empowerment expertise on Mount Kurama.

Probably the most normal manner of drawing the symbols is with the entire hand, or with the fingers, however they will also be drawn with the eyes (in both an imaginary manner or transferring the eyes to observe the form of the image) and even with the tongue (this one is a little more troublesome), or, when somebody is de facto aware of them, every image will be absolutely visualized.

Throughout the Reiki neighborhood there was a lot debate on how needed it's to attract the symbols accurately in an effort to activate them. Whereas it's clearly essential to attempt to attract them precisely, moderately than being slapdash and careless about it—which might not respect their religious nature—this doesn't imply there is just one right manner for everybody to attract them. Certainly, we all know that Mrs. Takata appears to not have drawn the symbols the identical manner every time, as found within the first assembly of Western Reiki Masters in 1982.

So variations exist between academics, and there are actually some variations among the many symbols of the unique 22 Masters she taught. She could have been guided to make slight variations within the symbols for every scholar, and as she didn't enable her college students to take notes throughout her programs, the Masters she taught needed to depend on reminiscence when educating their very own college students, so this will likely account for a number of the adjustments.

The right manner for a scholar to attract the symbols is the best way they have been proven to attract them by their Reiki Grasp. Everybody who has acquired the attunement for the symbols has symbols that work, nevertheless they're drawn, as a result of the ability of the symbols doesn't come from drawing them completely, it comes from the connections made with the energies represented by the image, in the course of the initiation.

Variations could exist between the symbols of every scholar, but every scholar’s symbols are right for them, and the essence of the image stays the identical. It's the intention to make use of them that prompts them, and brings within the particular energies related to them. If you happen to see Reiki symbols in a e-book or on the Web, and they're completely different from the best way you draw them, this doesn't imply you want to “right” yours to observe the brand new model. The way in which your Reiki Grasp taught you at all times stays precisely best for you.

Within the West we have now most likely grow to be overly involved with the symbols. From info we have now acquired extra lately from Japan, it seems that Dr. Usui started to make the most of the symbols due to their particular vibrations to attempt to assist his college students really feel and detect completely different ranges of vitality that existed, significantly within the human vitality subject.

The symbols elevated the scholars’ consciousness, and helped them to develop higher talents to discern the refined energies that may point out bodily, psychological, emotional and religious issues or imbalances. Nevertheless, the symbols have been considered short-term instruments, which have been not wanted as soon as a scholar had developed the mandatory sensitivities, as a result of with such elevated consciousness the energies represented by the symbols might be activated just by intending to make use of them. In impact, the scholar would ultimately “embody” the vitality of the image.

Within the 1990s some Reiki Masters started to make use of numerous different symbols inside their Reiki observe and educating. A few of these apparently got here from Tibet, and others have been channeled (introduced into somebody’s consciousness by spirit guides) to be used in particular methods. Though many of those symbols will be highly effective aids for therapeutic, and kind the premise for different therapeutic techniques (notably Karuna Reiki® and Tera Mai™ Seichem Reiki) they've very completely different energetic vibrations, and aren't part of the unique therapeutic system that Dr. Usui started. The Usui Reiki Ryoho makes use of solely the 4 symbols that have been handed down via each the Western lineage of Usui, Hayashi and Takata and the Japanese lineage preserved via the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai.