For many individuals, their first contact with Reiki is thru receiving a Reiki therapy from a good friend, a member of their household or an expert Reiki Practitioner. Usually a Reiki therapy takes about an hour and is carried out with the consumer remaining absolutely clothed (aside from sneakers) and tucked up comfortably with a blanket and pillows, often on a remedy sofa. (I'm utilizing the phrases “consumer” and “Practitioner” for simplification, however I imply anybody receiving and giving Reiki. Different phrases like “affected person” and “healer” are extra emotive, and due to this fact I favor to not use them.)
The therapy begins with the consumer mendacity on his or her again and the Practitioner’s fingers are positioned gently on the physique in particular locations and can usually be stored nonetheless for a couple of minutes—there isn't a stress, therapeutic massage or manipulation except the Reiki is being mixed with one other remedy. The responses throughout the therapy range significantly. Some shoppers expertise emotions of warmth or tingling because the Reiki flows via them, or sure components of their physique would possibly really feel chilly, particularly after the Practitioner’s fingers have moved away. Often the consumer feels very relaxed and peaceable because the power flows via their physique, and many purchasers drift off to sleep and should be gently roused when it's time to flip over to lie on their entrance for the remainder of the therapy.
Nonetheless, shoppers can generally develop into fairly emotional because the Reiki begins to interrupt down previous patterns and blockages and convey them to the floor. They might chuckle out loud and even shed some tears, or their legs or arms could all of the sudden jerk even whereas they're asleep. You will need to inform the consumer earlier than the therapy that these reactions are potential and to reassure them that they're completely regular—they're simply blocked or stagnant power being launched in numerous methods from the physique.
Typically after the therapy has ended shoppers could expertise a shift in consciousness, a realization of the underlying causes of any issues they've been having, whether or not these issues should do with their bodily well being, their relationships, or their job, and so forth.
This is a vital a part of therapeutic, and if the consumer needs to speak about it with you, that's effective, however that is the place the boundaries can develop into blurred between being a good friend or member of the family and being a healer or counselor. No matter points are raised it is very important stay nonjudgmental, and to be as comforting and supportive as potential.
If speaking with shoppers on this method is one thing you don’t really feel very comfy with, you would possibly discover it helpful to take a brief counseling course or learn some books in regards to the counseling course of. If you happen to consider the particular person wants rather more assist, you might gently and tactfully recommend that they speak issues over with a good friend, a counselor or a household therapist, for instance.
Please keep in mind, although, that if you're treating somebody, even when it's a shut good friend or a member of your loved ones, they could regard you in a different way—as a well being skilled—so your consumer is entitled to anticipate your full confidentiality. It's important by no means to speak to different individuals about any shoppers or their therapies, except you want recommendation on easy methods to deal with a specific state of affairs. In that case you might contact your Reiki Grasp and talk about the case, whereas preserving your consumer’s anonymity by not revealing their title, or any private particulars which may establish them.
Sometimes within the days instantly following a therapy some individuals expertise one thing referred to as a “therapeutic disaster,” which is often only a brief interval after they have momentary bodily signs akin to a sudden chilly because the Reiki power works via the blockages and the physique does its greatest to do away with them. I at all times inform shoppers about this risk and encourage them to drink loads of water throughout the subsequent few days after a therapy, as this helps to flush any toxins out of the physique in a pure method.
Receiving a Reiki therapy is nice for anyone no matter their age. Infants and babies often love Reiki, though they don’t usually wish to keep nonetheless lengthy sufficient for a full therapy, and since they're a lot smaller than an grownup they don’t want as a lot Reiki anyway. It's far simpler to deal with them casually, simply permitting the Reiki to movement when you maintain them or after they sit in your knee.
Pregnant ladies often discover Reiki very soothing for themselves and their unborn little one, and it may be actually helpful to each mom and child to provide Reiki throughout the delivery course of. In any other case, adults of any age will discover a Reiki therapy very useful with any well being or stress-related issues and, in fact, individuals don’t should be sick to learn from a Reiki therapy. It's pretty simply to loosen up and be nurtured for some time.