What is Psychic Reiki?


Psychic Reiki is the culminating work of my three earlier books about Reiki, plus some new strategies, mixed into one elegant and user-friendly power therapeutic system. As with conventional Reiki, this method acknowledges Mikao Usui because the founding father of Reiki, and its practitioners entry the Divine Life-Pressure power often known as Reiki for wellbeing and non secular growth. But this method differs from conventional Reiki in that there aren't any symbols or hand positions, because the practitioner learns to speak with and direct the power of Reiki telepathically.

Reiki is the world’s hottest type of power therapeutic. Initially found by Mikao Usui, a Japanese mystic who lived from 1865 to 1926, Reiki is now flourishing all over the world as a technique of self care and wellbeing. It's even getting some recognition in Western medical circles, and is used as a type of palliative care in additional progressive hospitals. Usually, Reiki is translated from Japanese into English as which means “Common Life-Pressure Power,” and but the Japanese kanji can be translated to imply “Divine Life-Pressure Power.” I choose the later translation, because it displays the concept that Reiki does not likely come from any individual, or human, and even the collective discipline of life-force power, however from a better supply that exists on the non secular planes. As human channels for this power, we will interpret it and create constructions for understanding it, but the power itself is from the Divine, and thus not restricted by our human constructions or human interpretation. Reiki, as Divine Life-Pressure Power, is an expression of Divine consciousness, and due to this fact at all times works for the best good.

First-degree Reiki empowers a scholar with an initiation from a Reiki grasp that's generally known as an attunement. This attunement entails the Reiki grasp placing sacred Reiki symbols into the coed’s crown chakra on the prime of the pinnacle, in addition to into the coed’s fingers. As soon as activated to the power of Reiki by means of the attunement, the coed is then taught hand positions for doing a Reiki session on themself in addition to Reiki hand positions for doing a session on one other individual. At this degree, the coed is normally not taught any of the Reiki symbols.

Second-degree Reiki coaching entails the coed receiving one other attunement from a Reiki grasp, after which studying three of the sacred Reiki symbols. One image makes the power circulate stronger. One other image focuses the power for psychological and emotional wellness. A 3rd image is discovered that enables a Reiki healer to ship Reiki by means of time and area.

The third diploma of Reiki, as I discovered it, is the Grasp degree, and it entails one more attunement from a Reiki grasp, who then teaches three extra Reiki symbols to the coed. The coed then learns find out how to provoke others to Reiki utilizing these sacred Reiki symbols. Since a few of these symbols additionally enhance the power of the Reiki scholar as a practitioner, some lecturers separate the third diploma into two components. The primary half serves to reinforce ones expertise as a practitioner and the second half is instructor coaching. But, as talked about earlier, the teachings are basically the identical whether or not one learns Reiki as a three- or four-degree system. I've expensive mates who're Reiki masters who discovered it as a four-degree system and we respect one another’s totally different kinds, figuring out the core educating remains to be the identical.

Reiki is a type of Divine gentle, and as a type of Divine gentle it isn't restricted by our human constructions for accessing and deciphering it. But I'm additionally open to there being greater than what I find out about Reiki and greater than what I used to be taught by those that initiated me into Reiki. I do know that these symbols and constructions, as stunning as they're, are merely human methods of accessing one thing far larger than our means to completely comprehend. In 2007, I had a profound mystical expertise whereas touring in Laos that concerned a visitation from the spirit of Mikao Usui, the individual all Reiki lineages credit score because the one who found Reiki. Throughout that mystical expertise I used to be given a ball of white gentle from Mikao Usui that went instantly into my coronary heart chakra. On the time, I merely thought that ball of white gentle contained details about Reiki, and throughout the weeks after that have I grew to become conscious of knowledge that grew to become the majority of my guide Reiki for Non secular Therapeutic (Crossing Press, 2009). Ultimately, after a number of years, I got here to the attention that that ball of white gentle included a brand new device within the evolution of Reiki

 It holds Divine consciousness, details about Reiki, the power to circulate any power from any Reiki image or any Reiki lineage, and might be psychically activated merely with an individual’s ideas, although one can even use their voice. After writing New Reiki Software program for Divine Residing, I assumed I had written all the things about Reiki that I used to be supposed to write down. I assumed I had nothing new left to say as regards to Reiki. But previously six months I've been getting extra data from my guides that there's extra about Mikao Usui’s Reiki Crystal of Awakening than I totally understood. Additionally, I've been proven that when mixed with strategies from my first two Reiki books, a sublime therapeutic system that's straightforward to entry and likewise fairly highly effective is obtainable. The work of the next chapters presents these new Reiki potentialities as a singular Reiki system that I name Psychic Reiki.

Since this Reiki crystal might be activated merely although telepathic communication with it, the time period psychic appears greatest suited to explain this new system of Reiki. This technique of Reiki has no hand positions, no use of the normal Reiki symbols, and no hierarchy of levels that exists in conventional Reiki, such that anybody empowered to it might additionally provoke others to Psychic Reiki. But the power Psychic Reiki attracts from remains to be the identical vibration of Reiki as conventional Reiki. Psychic Reiki merely accesses Reiki Divine Life-Pressure Power in a means that matches extra with the egalitarian evolution into an Aquarian Age. In different phrases, it's a new construction, a brand new human container for Reiki, although the power of Reiki itself stays as pure and as Divine because it has at all times been.

Among the commonest strategies you'll study by means of the work of Psychic Reiki are listed under. When you acknowledge any from my earlier books, know that they are going to be accessed at even deeper ranges on this work as you develop deeper into your reference to your individual Reiki crystal and that Divine presence which exists within that Reiki crystal.

Reiki, as a circulate of power utilized in conventional Reiki strategies, will have the ability to circulate now instantly out of your Reiki crystal. It is possible for you to to entry that circulate of Reiki power now psychically by means of your ideas, or voice, to the required space or goal—normally to an individual, place, or scenario.

Reiki cords are an intense, steady presence of Reiki between any two closing dates/area. I typically consider Reiki cords as miniature Reiki laser beams, and they are often extra intense than many different Reiki instruments. They are often created by way of a psychic request to your Reiki crystal, a lot simpler than the Reiki twine strategies described in my first two Reiki books, The Reiki Magic Information To Self Attunement and Reiki for Non secular Therapeutic.

Reiki meditations might be invoked once you ask your Reiki crystal to convey your consciousness, or the consciousness of a side of your being, akin to an organ, cells, and even your unconscious thoughts, into the Reiki crystal, the place it then marinates beneath the deep affect of that Divine consciousness that guides Reiki. Reiki meditations can have a requested particular focus or intent, akin to inside peace, stress discount, figuring out Divine love, or any shift in consciousness that might be for the best good.

Reiki holograms are objects made out of the Divine gentle that's Reiki. They are often something, actual or imagined. As a scholar of magic and non secular esoteric research I discovered a few years in the past that ideas themselves are thought of actual in magical principle. So, in a magical sense, even issues which can be imagined are actual and may energetically affect us. Reiki holograms can typically be helpful as Reiki replications of particular organs and physique components, which, when fused into the bodily organ, switch an brisk Reiki imprint of that organ working for the best good. In fact, the one restrict to creating Reiki holograms is your individual creativeness, and they are often of something in any respect so long as they're for the best good. Widespread Reiki holograms I exploit embody Reiki holograms of angels, mythological energy objects, pure objects, real-life archeological energy websites such because the Nice Pyramids, and the record goes on and on.

Reiki portals entry the Reiki image known as Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Reiki used for sending Reiki by means of time and area, inserting it strategically for heightened impact to trigger a circulate of power (Reiki or in any other case) from one a part of this magical universe into one other a part of this magical universe. A quite common Reiki portal I exploit is to create one to the angelic realm, or on to the archangel Raphael, throughout a Reiki session, within the shut proximity of the individual being handled. This calls forth a direct circulate of that angelic power into the session as a further pressure to speed up the therapeutic.

Reiki crystal grid is a wholly new and really potent method. It does, nevertheless, require the presence of multiple Reiki crystal. To entry this grid you should use your individual Reiki crystal as soon as you might be empowered, in addition to the Reiki crystal on this guide. Or, if there are different Reiki healers current who're empowered to the Reiki crystal, you possibly can invite all their Reiki crystals to additionally kind a Reiki crystal grid. This method works by uniting the ability of multiple Reiki crystal to work in concord with one another as one highly effective grid of Reiki power. The extra Reiki crystals one can entry for this system, the extra highly effective the power of that grid will likely be.