What is Rei ?


Rei will be translated as ‘common’, ‘divine’, ‘essence’, ‘spirit’ or just ‘God’. However its pictogram can reveal its sensible relevance.

As you possibly can see, the higher a part of the pictogram appears like rain.

However it doesn’t come down robotically – we have to ask for it! That's what the underside a part of the pictogram represents: a miko, that's, a priest, shaman or sensible individual. In different phrases, an individual who is aware of the best way to get involved with the ‘above’.

The older type of kanji (see Ki) additionally contains a component that has been disregarded of newer variations: a row of three containers (or ‘mouths’). Once more, that is to be taken actually: what comes from above will be collected within the three containers (or power centres) in our physique, the Tanden factors – the Hara, third eye and coronary heart chakra.