What Reiki isn’t 

Understanding what Reiki isn’t is as essential as figuring out what it's: 

✔ Reiki is just not spiritual. Reiki is completely nondenominational. You possibly can practice any faith (or none) and nonetheless use and profit from Reiki. Founder Mikao Usui was influenced by the religions of his nation, Shintoism and Buddhism. However Reiki isn’t related to any faith, and other people of all faiths and beliefs are Reiki practitioners. Reiki isn’t New Age both (see the part “Combining New Age and Reiki,” later on this chapter). 

✔ Reiki is just not therapeutic massage or reflexology. Reiki is an energy-healing system and never a manipulative system (arms shifting the physique). Reiki is dis- tinct from reflexology and therapeutic massage. However Reiki is usually confused with different hands-on therapeutic arts, particularly reflexology. I’m undecided why; possibly it’s as a result of they each start with the letter r.