What is Karuna Reiki?

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What is Karuna Reiki Karuna Reiki‘Karuna’ is a Sanskrit word meaning any action that is taken to diminish the suffering of others & hence; ‘Karuna’ means compassionate action guided by wisdom. It is deep and vast guided life force energy. It evolved out of the Usui Reiki System. It makes use of intu...

Benefits of Karuna Reiki

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Benefits of Karuna Reiki Karuna Reiki can heal much deep and complex issues. It can heal issues ranging from general trauma to complex infections and diseases. ‘Karuna’ Reiki helps us to stay cleansed and healed as we grow. It allows us to work with all parts of ourself including the infamous shadow...

Origin of Reiki

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ORIGIN OF REIKI ‘Dr. Mikao Usui’ is known as the ‘Father of Reiki'. He was the one who discovered Reiki and passed it on to the next generations with great love and perfection. His birth has been known to be somewhere in between the 19 th century. Dr. Mikao Usui was a ‘great soul’ and he practiced R...


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THE 5 PRINCIPLES OF REIKI Dr. Mikao Usui has blessed us with an ancestral gift known as the ‘5 Principles Of Reiki’, which he himself adhered to as well as he passed these for the next generations n you’re the lucky one reading these. These ‘5 principles of Reiki' beautify the experience of Reiki wh...
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