‘Dr. Mikao Usui’ is known as the ‘Father of Reiki'. He was the one who discovered Reiki and passed it on to the next generations with great love and perfection. His birth has been known to be somewhere in between the 19 th century. Dr. Mikao Usui was a ‘great soul’ and he practiced Reiki by heart. He was a school teacher by profession. He has also known to be very curious for finding his answers and was always ‘Ready to learn’, and open to new things.One day, a student of his asked him, ‘All the God’s known to have occurred, had a Divine power in their hands, that could correct everything and problems, where is it Now?’ Dr. Mikao Usui was driven very curious to find out the answer to an innocent child’s question, which resulted in the ‘Discovery or Re-discovery of Reiki, which we all, till today are practicing in our day-to -day lives to solve numberless problems.Dr. Mikao Usui then started his 28 years long journey to find this answer. He came to India, studied the holy books and granthas learnt Sanskrit, then studied the Bodha Granthas in Tibet, then studied the Chinese granthas in China.Then he went back to his home in Kyoto, Japan. He then meditated on the auspicious mountain of ‘Ko-Rama’. After 21 days , he received the Divine blessing and Knowledge of ‘Reiki’. He then used this discovery to heal everyone, & spread the knowledge of Reiki with utmost love and Kindness. & it was this discovery, that made people honor him with a ‘DOCTOR’ in his name. It was all the effort of Dr. Mikao Usui that today we can learn Reiki and heal ourselves as well as others. It is also our duty to keep this spirit alive, and spread Reiki with the same Love and kindness.In 1923, occurred a disastrous earthquake in Kyoto, Japan. Dr. Mikao Usui and his followers were honored by the Emperor of Japan for their services and healings offered in the time of great Despair and Loss. He then also encouraged others to learn this blessing. A team of 16 people was made. During this phase, he met a Naval Commander Dr.Hayashi, who then travelled long & kept spreading the knowledge & blessing. Then in 1938, Dr. Hayashi taught this an American Lady, named Madame Hawayo Takata, who then also kept spreading this knowledge.

In this way, Reiki has been passed on to generations.

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