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Language: Hindi

Instructors: Bheem Sain Arora

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This comprehensive online astrology course provides a deep dive into the rich history and tradition of astrology, as well as practical lessons on how to create a natal chart and interpret its various elements.

You'll start by learning about the zodiac signs and their governing planets, and how to identify the key features of each sign. This includes the element of each sign, the ruling planets, and the key body parts associated with each sign.

Next, you'll explore the various aspects of drishti and their significance in a Vedic chart, including the aspects of Jupiter, Mars, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Sun, Rahu and Ketu. You'll also learn about the relationships between different planets in a chart and the significance of different houses in astrology.

In addition to the planet relationships, you'll delve into the significance of different planets in various houses, including Lagnesh, Dhamesh, Tritesh, Chaturesh, Panchmesh, Chathesh, Saptmesh, Astmesh, Bhagesh, Karmesh, Ayesha, and Vayesh.

You'll also learn about the significance of the Moon and Sun in different houses, as well as the important role played by Nakshatras in astrology.

The course also covers the basics of Rudraksh, Mangal Dosh, Sad Sati, Marak planets treatments, and how to interpret a Kundli using astrological principles.

Throughout the course, you'll have the opportunity to practice your newfound knowledge by creating and interpreting your own natal chart, and exploring the different aspects of drishti and their significance.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned astrologer, this course provides a comprehensive education on astrology that will deepen your understanding and enhance your skills.

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