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Instructors: Bheem Sain Arora

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Why this course?


Besides physical & mental powers, every person is born with immense psychic & spiritual powers. Once these hidden powers are recognized, there is nothing left to demand from God. Words like destiny, coincidence, God’s wish & miracles get eliminated forever (as everything is happening under the metaphysical Laws of Nature).
Reiki is a Japanese word for the Cosmic healing energy.
It is an ancient form of Tibetan healing (lay-on-hands healing technique) rediscovered in the late 1800’s by Dr. Mikao Usui (an Allopathic Physician & Surgeon) of Japan. It is a very simple yet a powerful technique that can be learned and practiced by anyone. Reiki (pronounced as ‘ray-key’) is a type of divine, pure and positive energy that finds its source in the Supreme Consciousness and is capable of healing everything and anything that one can think of. Reiki is the only miraculous gift of God which on account of its spiritual background, has been successfully tapped and practiced not only in the spiritual aspects of life but is also known to bestow the world of medical science with results that are thrilling, astounding and phenomenal.
Reiki is an inherent natural quality and a miraculous divine gift present in every human being which can be effectively used to heal self, others and almost everything and anything in the universe either distant or nearby, be it plants, animals, food, living, nonliving etc.
REIKI is not taught the way other healing techniques are taught. Reiki is passed on by a Reiki Master to a new learner through a simple attunement (also called initiation) process, where the energy centers are opened, thereby creating a permanent link between the divine Cosmos and the person attuned. The process, besides transforming an ordinary person into a healing source, results in increased psychic sensitivity, heightened intuitive awareness, extra-sensory perceptions and clairvoyance in some cases. The process makes the giver and the receiver more poised, compassionate and connected to the Highest Being. With time, practice and devotion, this power to ‘touch & heal’ gets better, stronger & effective.
ATTRACT –Dream Career, Wealth, Abundance& Goal. CURE –Diseases, Relationships, Problems, Psychic Attacks & ill-fate (Evil). DEVELOP –Unshakeable Confidence, Personality, Mental & Psychic powers. AWAKEN –Kundalini, Hidden Potential, Ultimate Truth (The Enlightenment) & the Divine Purpose of Life..
REIKI is not a form of psychic healing, mind control or a blind belief. All over the world several hospitals, doctors, surgeons & nurses are using Reiki healing as an alternative medicine. Hundreds of Doctors & reputed surgeons have learnt Reiki & are practicing it successfully. Some of them are even Reiki Masters & are conducting Reiki workshops. Further, several reputed saints & spiritual masters have also learnt Reiki.
In modern times, several amazing devices have been developed to sense and see invisible energies like Reiki, Aura, chakra, thought, soul, etc. Some of these are Kirlian photography, Aura Imaging System, PIP (Polycontrast Interference Photography), DAS (Digital Aura Scanner), GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization), Radionics, Lecher Antenna, Energy scanners, Dowsing tools, etc. through which images of human aura, invisible energies of objects & environment can be measured, seen and analyzed.
The Science of Aura
Every living & non-living being has luminous energy, known as ‘AURA’ or Electro Magnetic field, which is the sole source of protection from bacteria, accidents, planetary effects, black magic, radiations, negative people, vastu & environment. Your aura interacts every moment with people around you, objects & environment, negatively or positively making you unwell or healthy. Understand the complete science of Aura (Human Energy Field) how to see, sense, feel, scan, push, measure, empower & protect the aura. Learn how to become a powerful magnetic force to influence or attract everyone and anyone.
The Science of Chakra
Chakras are the seven energy vortexes on your subtle body that represents your seven hormonal glands. Your every physical, mental, emotional & spiritual action influence these chakras by expanding or depressing their functions thereby leading you to spiritual bliss or a miserable life, as the reaction/results may be. Learn how to energize & keep balanced these chakras for ultimate fitness of body, mind & soul.
Beyond the realm of the physical world, another very powerful, unknown, unrecognized world exists in this universe, that is the world of subtle and the invisible.
Invisible is the root, visible is the manifestation. This is the world where time, space & distance disappear. Telepathy is the natural inherent quality of human beings, animals & birds. We have amazing power to transmit our thoughts, intentions & healing anywhere in the universe, may it be humans, objects, circumstances or environment. Learn how to heal from a distance influencing the objects, mind, circumstances, the future & the past karmas.
Power of Intention
Can you push a person just by your thought from 50-ft distance? YES, you can !! Your thoughts are strong forces of energy. Passion & emotions multiply their strength manifold & Intention itself is the mantra. intention is the magnet which attracts & drives all energies in the Universe. Energy follows the thought. Learn how to manipulate with the intention & Universal energies to achieve the desired success in life.
Power of Intuition – The Sixth Sense
Universe is the source of all information, guidance, creative ideas, the past, the present & the future. Learn how to develop high sensibility (Extra-sensory Perception i.e. ESP) & an altered state of mind where we can communicate with the subtle world around us for the universal records to get the right guidance for healing, creation, prevention & success.
Clairvoyance The ability to see and feel the invisible/subtle energies around us in the form of aura, colour, thoughts, spiritual guides, negative and positive energies is known as Clairvoyance. Develop this natural faculty by practicing the methods taught in our online video course. The Third Eye (Inner Vision)
Another natural & Inherent intuitive faculty possessed by every human being is known as psychic vision (The Third Eye). It is the technique of remote viewing or tele-visual in which a person can see any one, object and event happening in his ‘inner eye’ like a dream. This unusual phenomenon is automatically develops by practicing Reiki and distance healing.
Kundalini Activation
Kundalini is perhaps the most misunderstood and misguided natural human force in the spiritual and mystic world. Since ages, tall claims are made by Indian Yogis and various other people that their kundalini is awakened. If so, where are the results? Has India prospered, clean, disciplined and a developed country? Did anyone get any benefit from such claims? We are yet to find a kundalini awakened soul. Infact, never try to forcibly awaken this natural force; it could be damaging. The fact is that Kundalini shakti rises automatically by physical, mental & emotional balancing through Reiki meditation & spiritual awakening. Learn the correct procedure to help this lower energy rise naturally to the higher levels of consciousness.
The Power of Subconscious Mind
Can you lift a 100 Kg person by just 2 fingers? Can you bend a spoon by the power of your mind? YES! you can.We are by-products of our Subconscious mind. We practice & condition this mind by variety of concepts, attitudes & beliefs that we receive from our parents, society, teachers, friends & self. We are rich or poor, happy or unhappy, healthy or unwell, successful or failure, achievers or losers only because of our pre-programmed subconscious mind. It is the super power of your mind. Learn how to condition/ recondition, control/change the habits, life, nature, personality & everything around you. Learn to perform wonders, achieve the impossible in studies, career, business & relationships. Learn how to command the subconscious mind, make it fulfill all your dreams & desires. Your subconscious mind is the only & the ultimate key to all your good or bad achievements.
The Science of getting Rich
If you are poor, it means that you have chosen to be in this state. The science of richness is as accurate as Mathematics. Learn the definite law of richness & become a millionaire. God wants every flower to blossom. Nobody can prevent you from getting what you want, except yourself! Destroy your limiting beliefs and open the doors of unlimited wealth. Learn to believe that you are born to be rich and that poverty is the result of sheer ignorance. Adopt the laws of wealth and become as rich as you want to be. Law of Attraction
Manifest Dreams, Goals & Desires. Universe is a fertile land. It is an ocean of abundance. Your dreams, desires, thoughts and emotions are the seeds & the magnets. Learn how to throw seeds in the universe and attract anything and everything you dream. Learn the wonderful law of attraction and attract your destiny, circumstances and goals.
The Law of Permanent Cure & Nutrition
For disease-free life, optimum health and longevity. Human body (every organ/cell) is designed to function perfectly till its last breath. Health, balance, perfection, healing, re-generation & survival are the laws of body. Disease is acquired due to your ignorance. It is a by-product of your abnormal habits. Understand & eliminate the root causes of the disease and the sufferings will disappear on its own. If disease can be created by abnormal causes, then health can also be achieved through normal & healthy habits. Disease is not to be cured, instead ignorance is to be cured. Know the ultimate Truth and the secrets of health, nutrition, root causes of diseases and eliminate the word ‘disease’ permanently from your life.
Mental Cleansing
A Re-birth experience. Experience a highly effective mediation & healing session, to release all your deep-rooted emotions, mental blockages & physical problems. Come out from the debris of all mental & emotional blockages as a new & free person. A truly unforgettable rebirth experience!
Enlightenment to end all your sufferings. A flash of light (the Truth) can eliminate darkness of a thousand years. Sh. Bheem Sain Arora, Reiki Grandmaster,life coach, Director Reiki Healing Clinic, Founder and Chairman Reiki Art Of Healing Association,Chief Editor Science of Healing(monthly magazine based on alternative therapies), President Healthy Life Foundation, a renowned name in Holistic Science the enlightened master will guide you to the art of becoming an awakened soul (the Buddha) in all spheres of life, in professional/commercial world, business, family & all your worldly affairs thus ending all your sufferings and stress forever. If you are truly ready to end all your sufferings, you are ready for the enlightenment. Enlightenment is not to seek the God but to become the expression of God. Learn the most practical & the simplest laws of enlightenment.
Excel in Education
Every child is naturally designed with a full potential to blossom, if he/she is not suppressed or modified as per our personal attitude, dreams and expectations. Learn how to develop a respectful & a loving relationship with our children, how to use the power of subconscious mind to enhance concentration, confidence and attain success. Learn how to inculcate positive attitude, bigger dreams & balanced life which is not restricted to mere collection of information but education in its true sense.
Excel in Business/ Career / Profession
We ourselves create limitations. By understanding the laws of attraction, power of the subconscious mind & our unlimited hidden potential, we can climb to any height of career. No body is there to restrain you. Destiny, circumstances, people & lack of money can never be a hurdle. Learn the science of creating your own destiny, circumstances & attract people, opportunities, innovative ideas, wealth & goal as per your desire.
The Law of Harmonious Relationship
The more knowledge we have about human psychology, mental conditioning, influence of parents, society, teachers, friends, past lives, the law of attraction & love, the more easily we can develop a loving, compassionate, harmonious relationship with everyone, even our enemies!
Ignorance of this knowledge creates conflict even with your most loved person & everyone else with whom you interact. Learn the law of attraction, abundance, love & live a heavenly life.

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