Reiki Level 3 - Master Healer Course

Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Crystal Healing and Dowsing.

Language: Hindi

Instructors: Bheem Sain Arora

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Why this course?


Welcome to the Master Healer Course, an extraordinary journey into the realm of advanced Reiki healing techniques. This comprehensive course, led by the esteemed Reiki Grandmaster, Mr. Bheem Sain Arora, offers a powerful fusion of knowledge, wisdom, and practical applications to empower you as a skilled and enlightened healer.

Course Overview:

The Master Healer Course is a culmination of profound healing techniques within the domain of Reiki. Each subject and healing technique covered in this course represents a complete and independent science in itself. With the ability to specialize in specific healing techniques, you will become a master in your chosen field. This unique and scientific course, continuously updated with the latest research, discoveries, and developments, is the first of its kind in the world. It will equip you to become a successful, spiritual, and psychic healer.

Course Highlights:

  1. The Master Symbol: Discover the ultimate and most empowering symbol in Reiki, which serves as a powerful resource for significant tasks, emergencies, higher protection, activation of inner powers, and spiritual upliftment. Unlock the secrets of achieving definite goals through its utilization.

  2. Chakra Meditation: Experience the transformative power of Guruji Sh. Bheem Sain Arora's specially crafted meditation, incorporating the seven sounds of the chakras, vibrant colors, and sacred mantras. This profound meditation awakens psychic powers and activates all chakras, offering an inexplicable spiritual journey.

  3. Psychic Attack Healing and Prevention: Equip yourself with self-defense techniques against psychic attacks and evil spirits. Explore the latest research on energy fields, chakras, white magic, black magic, and vampires. Learn how to diagnose and treat psychic attacks, while also discovering simple, effective, and practical remedies for various psychic problems. Strengthen your psychic defenses and shield yourself from negative thoughts and psychic contamination.

  4. Science of Crystal Healing: Delve into the fascinating world of crystal science in Reiki Level 3. Acquire comprehensive knowledge of crystals and their powerful healing properties. Learn numerous effective methods of crystal treatment and harness the potential to become a successful crystal healer. Crystals, particularly quartz, hold the highest storage of cosmic energy and can be utilized for quick healing, energy multiplication, protection, meditation, balancing, and much more.

  5. Reiki Crystal Grid: Unlock the miraculous power of quartz crystals by arranging them in specific geometrical forms. Discover how this crystal grid becomes a potent pool of healing energy, amplifying and transmitting energy for faster and successful results. Harness the multiplication of energy to manifest your intentions and healing goals.

  6. Psychic Surgery: Learn the remarkable healing technique of psychic surgery, which is simple yet highly effective. This technique can be mastered by anyone, regardless of education or age. Explore the innate psychic healing power within you and acquire the right techniques to perform successful psychic surgeries. Discover the ability to remove cysts, stones, tumors, fibroids, pus, toxins, or foreign substances on a psychic level, just like a conventional surgery. Restore, cleanse, reconstruct, reset, heal, and re-energize ailing organs, relieving suffering and offering a natural alternative to medical expenses.

  7. Definite Goal Achievement: Unleash the power of Reiki energy, master symbols, and hypnotic techniques to manifest your goals successfully. This highly effective technique ensures definite results and has been hailed by those who have experienced it as a powerful tool for achieving desired outcomes.

  8. The Science of Chakras: Explore the major energy junctions of the human body, known as chakras. Gain a deep understanding of their functions, precise locations, and activation methods through Reiki, symbols, crystals, pyramids, chakra breathing, special sounds, and mantras.

  9. Chakra and Body Scanner: Discover a remarkable diagnostic device that allows you to scan the exact condition of chakras, internal body organs, and the energy field. This invaluable tool provides a simple and effective way to assess and analyze the state of chakras, organs, and overall energy balance.

  10. Kinesiology: Muscle Response Test (MRT): Master the art of muscle response testing, also known as kinesiology, to diagnose positive and negative effects of various factors such as food, gems, environmental energies, medicines, colors, and more. This technique has unlimited applications and enables you to assess the strength of chakras, body organs, and specific deficiencies from a distance.

  11. Karuna Reiki Symbols and Other Powerful Symbols: Unlock a collection of powerful symbols, including Karuna Reiki symbols and other Tibetan and Indian symbols. These symbols encompass various purposes such as increasing wealth and prosperity, providing defense and protection, promoting peaceful organization, relieving the effects of poisonous bites, grounding excess energy, eliminating past karma and pain, offering relief from infectious diseases, awakening chakras and the third eye, balancing relationships, and clearing deep blockages within the spine, mind, and body.

  12. Karma Clearance and Magnificent Meditation: Immerse yourself in the most powerful meditation created exclusively for Reiki Level 3. This meditation transcends boundaries by addressing past karma, blockages, curses, planetary influences, black magic, and other negative forces. Additionally, it harmonizes hormones, blood chemistry, mind, emotions, relationships, finances, and unfavorable circumstances. Unlock your potential as a magnet, attracting clients, favorable situations, and positive outcomes. Transform yourself into a healing force that can radiate positive energy to heal individuals, plants, animals, the environment, and more. Awaken your psychic abilities, connect with the universe, and become a dynamic, magnificent force that transcends earthly limitations. Experience the path of enlightenment and reach ultimate spiritual heights.

  13. Dowsing: Discover the ancient art of dowsing, a technique used to find hidden objects, persons, and future events. Master the intuitive skill of searching, choosing, and predicting unknown elements by yourself. Unlock the ability to solve numerous problems, such as choosing a compatible partner, finding allergic food or medicines, selecting plots or buildings, identifying suitable business ventures or careers, searching for missing persons or lost objects, locating buried treasures or resources, and even diagnosing defects within the body, chakras, and energy field.

The Master Healer Course offers an unparalleled opportunity for growth, enlightenment, and the acquisition of profound healing techniques. Join us on this transformative journey and become an empowered master healer, equipped to bring light, love, and healing to yourself and others.

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